KMS Fit is a total body workout designed to strengthen all of your major muscle groups while simultaneously delivering a serious cardio burn.  Classes are made up of a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and circuit training. You will never get bored of this dynamic class which works your upper body, lower body and core by utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX suspension trainers, rowing machines, bodyweight exercises, stability and agility training, slam balls, medicine balls, battle ropes, and our 9’ workout rig.  With its challenging pace and constant variety, you’ll be sure to get results if you regularly attend this demanding class.

Indoor cross-training shoes are the only required gear for KMS Fit. Absolutely no outdoor shoes on the mats.


Kettlebell Fundamentals

Kettlebell Fundamentals is a six-week program in which participants learn how to do the hardstyle kettlebell swing, getup, clean, squat, press, carry and more.*  This powerful and versatile tool has been proven to increase strength, conditioning, and power generation without sacrificing mobility or agility.  Hardstyle kettlebell training not only builds strength, it also increases cardiovascular capacity, core strength, explosiveness, balance, and mobility.  Kettlebell training will help you perform your best in your everyday life, your sport of choice, and beyond.  

The kettlebell revolution started in the US in 1998 when Pavel Tsatsouline, now Chairman of StrongFirst, became a kettlebell instructor in the US and introduced the Russian strength and conditioning tool to North America.  Since then, this powerful strength-building system has only gained momentum.  Kettlebells have a long history as the tool of choice for elite martial artists and athletes for increasing strength, conditioning and power generation without sacrificing mobility.

Do the six-week Kettlebell Fundamentals program and learn the skill of strength!

*Participants must sign up for the full six-week program in advance. 


KMS Kettlebell

After completing the six-week Kettlebell Fundamentals program, you’ll be invited to take KMS Kettlebell, an ongoing kettlebell strength class.**  You’ll continue to perfect the skills you learned in Kettlebell Fundamentals as well as learn the snatch, push press, single-leg deadlift, windmill and other more advanced kettlebell and bodyweight movements.  Because all participants will have completed Intro to Kettlebell, this class has a faster pace than the Intro class.  You’ll have fun learning new skills, getting strong, and moving well!

**Prerequisite: Must pass Kettlebell Fundamentals.

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