Who is Macy Chiasson and why is she the KMS Combat Sports Ambassador?

You may have seen the announcements from us last month about Macy Chiasson, contender on the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, being the first official ambassador of KMS Combat Sports.  Exciting news!  But why is KMS sponsoring a pro MMA fighter?

As we roll out KMS Combat Sports, adding Jiu Jitsu, Bang Muay Thai, and Wrestling to our suite of programs, we want you know why Macy is the perfect first official ambassador of KMS Combat Sports. 

Rooted in Krav Maga

Macy got her start in fighting when she started training in Krav Maga at Triumph Krav Maga, the award-winning Krav Maga Worldwide school in New Orleans.  She trained hard and progressed quickly, earning her first Krav Maga instructor certificate in 2012.  Macy and I first met when we did our Blue Belt instructor certification at Krav Maga Worldwide in 2015.  I was immediately impressed by her work ethic, athleticism, aggression, and salt-of-the-earth, sweet personality.  We became fast friends!  Below is a photo of us getting our Brown Belt in LA in 2016.

Strong Female Athlete and Role Model

At KMS, we believe that training in Krav Maga and Combat Sports is important for everyone, but especially for women.  The skills, empowerment, physical strength, and unbeatable mindset that you build through training in Krav Maga and Combat Sports will serve you for a lifetime.  As a successful pro MMA fighter who started out in Krav Maga and who has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is, Macy is a strong female role model whom we can all strive to emulate.

Embodies the KMS Team Values

Macy embodies the KMS Team Values.  To accomplish what she has already achieved, she has had to demonstrate an extremely high level of Discipline, Teamwork, Leadership, Accountability, and Passion, all while staying Humble.

Macy, we are extremely proud to have you on our team, and we know you will dominate your opponent and bring home the win this Wednesday!  Thank you for representing KMS Combat Sports.  Know that we will always be in your corner.



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