We receive a lot of questions about how to get into advanced levels at Krav Maga Seattle, so we decided to share some data and information about level testing at KMS and what a successful training plan looks like.

At KMS, we take testing very seriously.  Krav Maga is a self-defense system, not a ring sport.  Let’s take the Level 1 test as an example.  We need to be confident that every person who passes into Level 2 could effectively defend themselves and would not give up fighting in a life or death street fight situation.  

In order to be eligible to test into Level 2, a student must have completed a minimum of 70 Krav Maga Level 1 classes.  However, testing is by invite only by our Head Instructor; everyone who receives an invite has far exceeded the minimum requirement.  Those who do get invited to test into Level 2 have completed significantly more than 70 Level 1 classes and have also completed a significant number of other classes such as KMS Bag, BagFit, Combative Striking, Intro to Fight, Fit, Kettlebell and Yoga.

KMS belt tests are physically and mentally grueling.  The test into Level 2 is five hours long with less than 15 minutes in total breaks.  In order to be invited to test into Level 2, students must meet the criteria listed below. 

Students must:

  • … have a solid understanding of the Level 1 curriculum.
  • … be highly physically fit and conditioned.
  • … have the mental fortitude to spend many months training intensely for the test and to continue fighting throughout the five-hour test itself.  
  • … attend and excel in the Level 1 pre-test, four to six weeks before the test.
  • … have completed a minimum of 70 Level 1 classes in addition to a significant number of additional classes outside of Level 1.


What does a successful training plan look like?

We pulled the data on the last two groups who tested into Level 2 (in October 2015 and May 2016) so you can see for yourself what it takes to train for and test into Level 2 at Krav Maga Seattle.  

First, let’s look at the average total number of classes completed per student as well as the ramped-up training period in the three months leading up to the test: 

On average, students who tested into Level 2 had completed:

  • 94 Krav Maga Level 1 classes
  • 57 other classes (includes: Combative Striking, Bag, BagFit, Intro to Fight, Fit, Kettlebell and Yoga)
  • For a grand total of 151 classes

However, there are other factors besides class attendance that impact a student’s ability to pass into the next level.  The density (number of classes per week) and intensity of classes must increase as the test approaches.  Of the 151 total classes that each student (on average) completed, more than a third of them (37%) occurred in the three months leading up to the test.  This works out to be about five classes per week per student for that three month period.


We have provided six real-life examples below of students who trained for and successfully passed the test into Level 2 at Krav Maga Seattle.  You can see the common themes:

All of these students:

  • … completed over 100 Level 1 classes
  • … completed over 60 other classes outside of Level 1 (half of them completed over 100 other classes)
  • … did at least five classes per week for the three months leading up to the test


Successful students who test into Level 2 also regularly do back-to-back classes and triple classes in the months leading up to the test in order to make sure they are physically conditioned for the five-hour test.  If you’ve never done a double or triple class, you won’t be ready to test and you won’t be invited to test! 

Keep in mind that people develop at different rates.  Previous experience and natural athletic ability can come into play.  Someone who was a serious high school or college athlete or someone who spent years practicing martial arts will probably pick up Krav Maga more quickly than someone who has little to no athletic background. 

Finally, some students choose to schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors in order to fine-tune their technique and ask any questions they may have. 



This blog provides a baseline for what a successful training plan looks like.  As you approach more advanced levels beyond Level 2, the training and tests become progressively more rigorous.

We hope that this helps you understand the time commitment, dedication, grit and other factors that determine who gets invited to test into advanced levels at Krav Maga Seattle.  You have to want it and you have to be willing to work for it. 

Please don’t hesitate to email us at kms@kmseattle.com with any questions or feedback.


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