cat-blog-photo-2.jpgWe are excited to announce that our owner and fitness instructor Catherine Le is now a certified StrongFirst SFG Level 1 kettlebell instructor!  Catherine attended the demanding three-day SFG 1 instructor certification in Vancouver, BC on September 11th-13th , 2015 and successfully passed the required strength, technique, and conditioning tests.  A 30% failure rate is typical at the SFG 1.

The kettlebell revolution started in the US in 1998 when Pavel Tsatsouline, now Chairman of StrongFirst, became a kettlebell instructor in the US and introduced the Russian strength and conditioning tool to North America.  Since then, this powerful strength-building system has only gained momentum.  Kettlebells have a long history as the tool of choice for elite martial artists and athletes for increasing strength, conditioning and power generation without sacrificing mobility or flexibility or creating unnecessary bulk. 

These are just some of the reasons why Krav Maga Seattle chose to pursue kettlebells as a primary component in our complementary strength and fitness offerings.  … and we didn’t just choose to use the kettlebell – we chose the gold standard in kettlebell instruction: StrongFirst.

To prepare for the SFG 1, Catherine trained for a year, working with Senior SFG Instructor Andrea U-Shi Chang at Kettlebility as well as RKC instructor Roland Funtanilla at Seattle Strength & Performance.  Both are fantastic facilities with talented instructors who will help you reach your goals, the same way that they helped Catherine achieve hers!

We are currently developing our kettlebell programming and plan to launch a progressive kettlebell-based strength and conditioning class in January 2016!  Stay tuned for details.

To read more about how kettlebell training can help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals, we recommend browsing the StrongFirst blog.  To get you started, here are a couple of our favorite articles:

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