We are deeply humbled to have been chosen as the 2016 School of the Year out of over 150 Krav Maga Worldwide schools around the world.  The school of the year award goes to the KMW school that exhibits the highest standards of customer service, facility and website design, and overall business model and plan for sharing and applying the principles of Krav Maga.  This is KMS' second award from KMW, having won the 2014 Rookie of the Year award two years ago.

When we first opened our doors almost three years ago, we put a lot of thought into our vision, and it came down to one key theme: our members come first.  We keep this members-first philosophy top of mind in everything we do, whether we are coaching, designing class curricula, organizing community events, planning seminars, ordering new equipment, or even cleaning the facility.  Our almost 400 active members are the beating heart and driving force behind KMS – the ones who show up to class and give their 100%, working together to be stronger than they were before they walked through the door.  KMS would not be what it is today without our dedicated, supportive, kickass members.

You cannot be school of the year without having great Krav Maga.  As Krav Maga Worldwide Chief Instructor Darren Levine once said with regards to KMS:

You have to do a number of things to create a successful school: 1) You have to know Krav Maga well, 2) you have to be willing to work to get better at Krav Maga, and 3) you have to be able to deliver it to students so that they can understand and perform it. Separate from that, you have to have good values.  You have to want to give something to the community… to do it to enrich the people who come in your doors.

All of this speaks volumes about our instructors who work tirelessly to provide top quality Krav Maga and fitness coaching to every KMS member.  The KMS instructor team is as dedicated as they come, constantly working to improve every aspect of their craft.  We are proud to have instructors who are not only leaders in our community, but who also value humility and continually seek new ways to improve and grow.  

Finally, we would like to thank the team at Krav Maga Worldwide who has provided invaluable support since before we opened our doors.  We chose to be a Krav Maga Worldwide school because KMW delivers the highest quality Krav Maga in North America.  Their rigorous instructor development program is unrivaled and they support us in many other ways, from helping organize and execute seminars with high-level black belt instructors, to sharing and promoting our videos on social media.

To our members, our instructors, and to KMW: thank you again for this great honor.  We promise to continue to strive towards providing the best quality Krav Maga in a safe, beautiful facility, while fostering a fun and inclusive community.

Learn more about Krav Maga Worldwide’s annual awards here.

Much love and respect,

Chau and Cat


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