At Krav Maga Seattle, we are about more than just Krav Maga.  We are a community where everyone is welcome to train, learn, and live their best life. 

One of our core beliefs is around the importance of giving back to local charitable causes who are doing essential work in our community.  While we work to improve our own lives at the gym, we also have the power to improve the lives of others in our community who need our support.

As you may already know, the KMS community has donated 4,803 food and hygiene items and $3,828 so far to the Queen Anne Food Bank in our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.  We have also supported suicide prevention (Crisis Clinic) and we will continue to support Women’s Sexual Assault Prevention by giving to Jubilee Women’s Center every April.

This summer, we are excited to announce that have launched a new annual giving campaign.  In addition to our Thanksgiving Food Drive each fall and our Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign each spring, we are adding an annual summer giving campaign which will support a new worthy cause each year. 

In 2018, we are kicking it off by raising money for Lambert House, Seattle’s oldest and most established community resource for LGBTQ youth.  Lambert House has been providing a safe space and a wide variety of vital programs to LGBTQ youth in Seattle since 1981.  Some of the essential services that Lambert House provides are mentoring, counseling, advocacy, meals, and a myriad of community-building events that provide necessary support and hope. 

“Lambert House is a national leader in LGBTQ youth community building – the primary prevention strategy for the constellation of risks that disproportionately affects all LGBTQ youth. The risks that Lambert House addresses include: social isolation, depression, suicide, alcohol and other drug use, family conflict that can lead to homelessness, and school failure. Lambert House provides LGBTQ youth with daily opportunities to make friends with other youth like themselves and with supportive adults. It is this connection with peers and adults that immediately makes life better for LGBTQ youth. Lambert House is where life gets better.”

We are proud to report that we raised $1,082 for Lambert House through selling our KMS Proud t-shirts!  A huge thank you to our amazing KMS community for coming together to support this important cause.

Thank you for continuing to make a positive impact in our community!

The KMS Team


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