We are excited to announce two new instructors who have joined the KMS instructor team!

Please join us in welcoming Zack Hernandez, our new Ground Fighting Instructor, and Chuck Garibay, a Phase C Certified Krav Maga instructor. 

Zack Hernandez

zack-h_kms.jpg Originally hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, Zack is a Division 1 NCAA championship level wrestler and a black belt in Judo.  A three-year starter and captain of the wrestling team at Columbia University, he is also the owner and founder of Ancient Elite Performance (AEP), a company that specializes in health and performance coaching for combat sport athletes.  He recently authored the book Train Like a Savage Eat Like a Caveman, now available on Amazon. 

When he’s not wrestling, coaching wrestling, or designing sick AEP swag, Zack is a Senior Business Development Manager at CVPartners.    

In his role at KMS, Zack will be teaching our existing Intro to Ground program as well as more advanced ground classes that will launch later in 2018.  Zack is excited to leverage the Krav Maga principles in conjunction with his extensive experience in wrestling, Judo, and other ground fighting techniques to bring a best-in-class ground fighting program to KMS. 

Chuck Garibay

chuck-b_kms.jpgChuck is a Krav Maga Worldwide Phase C and Law Enforcement certified instructor.  He started training in Krav Maga in 2012 and began teaching in 2013.  Before becoming involved in Krav Maga, Chuck wrestled for six years and coached youth and high school wrestling for five seasons.

As someone who describes his upbringing as “colorful”, Chuck was drawn to Krav Maga because he wanted to feel more confident in his daily life.  He felt vulnerable in crowds and wanted to feel sure that he could handle any situation, especially an altercation.

Chuck loves Krav Maga because, as the trainee, you become empowered, more confident, more aware, fitter, and mentally stronger.  In every class, you test yourself by overcoming new challenges.

Chuck joined the KMS team because of the positive community feel, the top-quality training for both members and instructors, and the opportunities for growth and development.

When Chuck’s not smashing the pads or lifting heavy things, you’ll find him crushing some sushi with his wife and hanging with his wolf-dog, Riley.

Please join us in welcoming Zack and Chuck onto the team! 


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