Krav Maga Seattle is more than a gym, more than a place to learn Krav Maga.  KMS is a family.  So when we suddenly lost one of our members to suicide last month, it was a tremendous loss to our community. 

Anwar was more than just a member at KMS: he was a pillar, a fixture, a leader.  Everyone knew Anwar, not only because of his physical presence (6’7”, size 17 feet), but also because of his kindness, integrity, intensity in training, and sheer power.  

Anwar won the annual KMS Terminator Award for completing the most classes in 2015.  During his 16 months at KMS, he completed 779 classes, far beyond anyone else’s attendance record.  It’s no wonder everyone knew and loved Anwar; he was always at KMS, training hard and being a supportive friend to everyone around him.  

In the shock wave after Anwar’s death, the KMS community came together, wanting to do something in his honor.  We decided to have special memorial t-shirts printed to raise money for Crisis Clinic, a local resource for suicide prevention.  KMS covered the cost of printing the 118 t-shirts and 100% of the proceeds were donated to Crisis Clinic.  Altogether, we raised $2,520 in Anwar’s honor.

Additionally, the KMS Terminator Award has been renamed The Anwar M. Leonard award. 

However, in addition to the donation and the award, we wanted to do something more, something that would pay tribute to Anwar’s legacy for years to come.  Anwar was a student and worked hard to balance school, Krav, family and friends.  In memory of Anwar, we will be offering a 12-month KMS scholarship to two students per year.  We will select the recipients of the memberships based on essay applications. 

A special thank you to Dr. Stacy Cecchet who donated her time to lead a grief processing session at KMS during which members could share memories of Anwar and process our loss as a community.

If you feel that you or anyone you know is at a point where hope is lost, please contact a suicide prevention lifeline; they can help you find hope again, create a safety plan, and find support:



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