blog_catherine-le2_40kb.jpgOwner and Fitness Instructor Catherine Le opens up about her favorite health foods, her hero, and why Krav came into her life at just the right time.

1. Favorite health food you couldn’t live without:

Avocado.  Eggs would be a close second though (all organic, of course!).

2. Favorite non-health food you couldn’t live without:

Dark chocolate.  I especially love dark chocolate combined with nuts and dried fruit.  If you took some fruit and nut trail mix and enveloped it in dark chocolate and made a big, fat lumpy chocolate bar, I could eat that in large quantities. 

3. Favorite Krav Maga technique (and why):

Round kicks. They’re satisfyingly powerful, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to develop solid technique from practicing Muay Thai for a few years.

4. Reason why you became an instructor:

I was always active and enjoyed playing a lot of sports in middle school and high school.  After college, as I dove into my corporate career, I became a bit lost; I developed a negative self-image and struggled with food and exercise.  It wasn’t until I was 27 years old, when Chau introduced me to Krav Maga Toronto, that I discovered the power of high intensity interval training and started my ongoing journey of understanding fitness, strength, nutrition, self-love, and building a positive self-image.  Chau introduced me to Krav when I needed it most.  Doing Krav and other classes at KMT made me feel powerful!  It forced me to overcome obstacles and work towards goals: getting better at sparring, getting up from the ground more quickly, pushing through grueling drills without stopping… TABATAS!  

I will always be thankful to Chau and to the Krav Maga Toronto family for giving me the building blocks for becoming the strong, confident woman that I am today.  The journey is not over, of course – I continue to learn, fail and grow!  I became an instructor because I hope that I can help others become confident and love themselves in the same way that I learned to do when I started doing Krav Maga.

5. It’s 5pm on a Friday: where are you? 

Chau and I are grabbing dinner at PCC on the way home from working out at KMS since our prepped meals that we made on Sunday have usually run out by Friday!

6. Who is your hero?

My mom.  She is the most generous, giving, hard-working person I know.  I strive to be as selfless as she is.

7. What’s on your bucket list?

Summit a significant Pacific Northwest peak like Mount Adams or Mount Saint Helens.  And... swim with whale sharks!

8. Last book you read:

I fell off of the audiobook bandwagon a few months ago when I stopped commuting to Bellevue and started carpooling to and from work with Chau, but I believe the last book that I listened to was “Coming of Age in Mississippi” by Anne Moody.

9. Your secret talent?

I can do a decent Gollum impersonation.

Read Catherine's full instructor bio here.


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