"After leaving my college rugby team, it was hard to find a new activity in Seattle that fulfilled my need for high intensity workouts and community. I was struggling to motivate myself; I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough to get more fit. I needed a goal to work towards; something that was challenging both physically and mentally...

When I joined KMS, everything changed! I had a whole new routine. I made new friends and I had an athletic activity I could look forward to after work. I felt inspired and wanted to keep going to classes to learn more – something I haven’t felt since college.

My conditioning and physique have improved so much! My friends and I noticed that I can keep going for longer and faster! I can engage in so many more activities – I’m planning on going mountaineering for the first time this summer!

My self-confidence has also increased. The self-defense techniques that I’ve learned so far have already helped me so much emotionally. As a woman and a person of color, it can be intimidating walking around Seattle alone. Realizing how strong I can be has made me feel much safer and secure in myself.

If you’re thinking about trying out KMS, do it! It's a rewarding experience. You’ll learn useful self-defense skills in a safe, inclusive environment. You'll get a great workout and endorphins to feel awesome the rest of the day. Everyone is really welcoming and helpful to new members. There's always something new to learn – you'll never get bored!

Also, it’s honestly the cleanest facility I've worked out in! They take hygiene very seriously and that's something I was missing in some boxing gyms I joined. It's a contact activity so you want to make sure wherever you are training is safe and clean.

The staff is awesome and friendly. They're great at remembering you and giving constructive feedback, and that is a big difference from larger gyms/studios where you're just another member number. You feel special and valued! 


"After moving to Seattle, I stopped doing Karate, which I had practiced for over eight years. I tried hitting the gym a few times but I would stop after a month or so each time. I needed motivation to work out and increase my physical fitness.

I did a Bag class for my free trial class. When the instructor told us to do 50 partner situps as a finisher, I was exhausted and wanted to give up. Everyone in the class started cheering me on when they were done and their cheering pushed me to not give up. At that moment, I knew I needed a place like this to train.

I started out by doing three classes per week, and soon increased to 4-6 classes per week including back-to-back classes.  This says everything about how much my fitness has increased and how much I love this place.  I even managed to hit the gym during a huge snow storm, and I regularly move dinner plans and meetings so that I don’t miss class.

Learning Krav Maga has made me feel more confident about encountering real-life situations. I always feel motivated when I see new people joining the gym because it makes me realize how far I’ve come, and the more advanced students here give me a goal to work towards.

The staff is amazing and very helpful. They remembered me by my name, which I've experienced in very few places. It doesn't matter where you come from, you'll always be welcomed here. KMS is one of the primary reasons why I’ve stayed in Seattle.


"Before I joined KMS, I was a college student with no real drive to better myself. I hated the treadmill and I also suffered from depression.

Krav forced me out of my own head.  Whenever I’m on the mats, there’s no room for the anxieties of the day. You can’t worry about that work project when you’re focusing on throwing good round kicks or getting out of a choke.

KMS has quite possibly been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I’m stronger than I’ve been in years and I feel safer during my everyday life.  There’s a sense of security that comes with knowing that, if push comes to shove, I could protect myself and those I love.

KMS is far more than a gym to me. I used to roll my eyes when I heard people talking about their gym being a community, but it’s really true for KMS.


"As a former collegiate athlete, I missed the team environment and was looking for a physical activity outside of the regular gym. I was also living alone; I remember walking home at night with a general feeling of unease. I didn’t like feeling vulnerable; I wanted to be able to protect myself. I also wanted to find a place where I could take back my fitness and personal safety as well as find the team camaraderie that I was looking for.

Since joining KMS, I not only feel more confident walking down the street, but I feel more confident as a professional and as a community member. I feel a lot of pride for how far I’ve come as a Krav Maga practitioner and for the people who helped me get there.

I can’t emphasize enough the support of the instructors and community, both from a training and a personal perspective. I’ve found some of my very best friends at KMS, and the instructors have supported me both in and outside the gym. I can’t think of any other place where I’ve gotten this level of love and support from a gym.


"After leaving the Army, I wanted to maintain the fitness I had worked so hard to achieve during my service. It was hard to motivate myself at a regular gym; I didn’t feel like I was working towards anything, and I wasn’t gaining any new skills. I also missed the camaraderie of my platoon, which had always pushed me to achieve more than I would have on my own.

I Immediately fell in love with the classes at KMS. I finally felt like I was working on building new skills while also improving my fitness. I kept coming back to more classes because I was enjoying them so much. I started finding excuses to work out at KMS, even when life got busy.

In the past six months I’ve gained over 15 pounds of muscle while simultaneously reducing body fat. I feel more alert and healthy than ever before, and I feel more confident when I encounter an unknown situation.

I also found a community of positive, encouraging people at KMS who inspire me to do my best. The community of like-minded individuals is what makes KMS truly special. KMS is not just a gym; it’s a family.


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