Deborah Kim

Krav Maga Instructor


I first started training Krav Maga at KMS in 2016. I was initially looking for a gym close to work that had various class options.  I had never heard of Krav Maga before, but I was intrigued by the possibility of learning self-defense while also trying out other fitness classes. I practiced Tae Kwon Do when I was younger which drew me to Krav. I love kicking and striking, so it was exciting to be able to do that again.

The KMS community also drew me in because everyone is so supportive.  It reminded me of my high school days of playing basketball where we were all on the same team trying to help each other win.

Krav Maga has helped me overcome a lot of internal battles and I always tell people that it’s my anchor in life.  Krav Maga has become a huge part of my identity and I can’t imagine life without it.  Training at KMS has helped me build mental toughness, condition me physically, and I’ve made lifelong friends here.  

I’m honored to have the opportunity to give back to the students at KMS as an instructor and I strive to help other people feel as empowered and confident as I do.

When I’m not at KMS, I’m spend my time working as a Marketing Manager at Amazon.


KMW Certified Phase A (Yellow Belt) Krav Maga Instructor

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