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Mar 25

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Integrated Fight Seminar: 4/21

by Krav Maga Staff


We are excited to announce our spring seminar: The Integrated Fight Seminar! The seminar will be on Saturday 4/21 and is open to KMS members only.

The self-defense system of Krav Maga was developed from a variety of martial arts.  It draws its influences from Wrestling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing, to name a few.  The Integrated Fight Seminar will take you back to the roots of Krav Maga, allowing you to better understand and effectively apply the original striking, grappling, and defense techniques that make Krav Maga so effective and powerful.

Take your stand-up and ground fighting skills to the next level with in-depth Muay Thai training in the morning and comprehensive ground fighting training in the afternoon.

Muay Thai: 4/21, 9am-12pm.  SIGN UP HERE.

  • The Muay Thai portion will be led by Muay Thai Coach Andy Le.  
  • ABOUT ANDY: Originally from Vietnam, Andy grew up training in a variety of martial arts.  Muay Thai is his passion and he has been training and coaching Muay Thai for ten years, in Vietnam and in the US.  So far, the fighters that he has trained are all undefeated.  When he’s not training or coaching, Andy works as a physical therapy aide at Experience Momentum PT.
  • PREREQUISITE: Minimum 20 Krav Maga Level 1 classes.
  • REQUIRED GEAR: Shin guards, boxing gloves (minimum 12 oz.), mouth guard, groin cup (guys). Get 15% off all gear purchased for the seminar.
  • PRICING: $60 before 4/7, $70 after 4/7.  Includes a special edition seminar t-shirt.  KMS Members only.

Ground Fighting: 4/21, 1pm-4pm.  SIGN UP HERE.

  • The Ground Fighting portion will be led by Wrestling Coach Zack Hernandez.  
  • ABOUT ZACK: Originally hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, Zack is a Division 1 NCAA championship level wrestler and a black belt in Judo.  A three-year starter and captain of the wrestling team at Columbia University, he is also the owner and founder of Ancient Elite Performance (AEP), a company that specializes in health and performance coaching for combat sport athletes.
  • RECOMMENDED GEAR: If you plan to wear shorts, we recommend purchasing knee sleeves or knee pads which we will have available for purchase at KMS.  If you are wearing leggings or pants, knee sleeves are not necessary. Get 15% off all gear purchased for the seminar.
  • PRICING: $60 before 4/7, $70 after 4/7.  Includes a special edition seminar t-shirt.  KMS Members only.

Feel free to attend both portions of the seminar, or just choose one!

You can reserve and pay online via the links above, or let us know at the front desk and we can do it for you.

Each seminar is capped at 36 spots so don’t delay in reserving your spot!

If you need to cancel, you can get a full refund up until Saturday 4/7.  Starting on Saturday 4/7, there are no refunds.

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